The time has come to acquire a new property, but a central question is at the heart of your priorities: is it better to sell before buying, or buying before selling?

The Groupe Lavoie Prestige solution

When you make the decision to register your property with us, you will be doubly protected from risky situations. From the beginning of the process, you will receive in writing, our guaranteed price of purchase. This means that we guarantee the purchase of your property if you find a new one before selling yours. This way, you will be able to quickly negotiate a price on your future property without any condition of sale related to your current property. This opportunity allows you to negotiate a much more attractive purchase price through a quick action plan. In addition, if you receive an offer to purchase for your property that is greater than Groupe Lavoie’s written offer, you will receive the highest offer.

Know the guaranteed price of your house  

In order to know the price that Groupe Lavoie Prestige guarantees for your property, as well as the estimated estimated selling time, fill out the form available on the page. This will help you evaluate the value of your property while guiding you in your future research.

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Types of properties to include :

Listed on the MLS system
To renovate
Financial recovery
Not listed on the MLS system
New houses

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